Markets on the edge after Iran launches retaliatory attack on Iraq airbase – Chemical News Reports


The markets of Asia Pacific had retraced a few losses on Wednesday but were lower broadly. The shares had fallen earlier upon the reports of rockets being fired at an airbase in Iraq which hosts the troops of America.

Iran had launched over a dozen ballistic missiles against a lot of the bases which had been housing the troops in Iraq of America. The officials of Pentagon had said on this Tuesday that it had not been clear if the service members had been hurt in these strikes. The President of United States had a response on Twitter as he said that he will be making his statement on the morning of Wednesday as per the United States time.

The strike has followed the killing of the top general of Iran by United States, Qasem Soleimani on last Thursday after which retaliation had been promised by Iran.

The investors had not expected this kind of a move from the Iranians say the strategists.

The stocks of Asia Pacific had been lower but had retraced a few losses on this Wednesday though they broadly remained lower. The shares had remained fickle when there were reports of the attacks on Iraqi airbase that houses the American troops.

There are a few analysts who are not surprised by this as there was a retaliation that was planned and any kind of retaliation would be met with similar affect and the investors are now fearing more escalations. There is going to be uncertainty over how the response of United States is going to be.

There is a bit of time before European markets open which may be good as it gives the markets time to calm down.


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