China Plans To Construct Solar Power Station In Space By The End Of 2035

China Plans To Construct Solar Power Station In Space – Daily News Insights


China Plans To Construct Solar Power Station In Space By The End Of 2035

According to the CAST (China Academy of Space Technology), China intends to complete a 200 Tons megawatt-level solar power station in space by the end of 2035. During the sixth China-Russia Engineering Forum in Xiamen, Wang Li—Research Fellow at CAST—stated that this space-based solar power station will obtain the Sun’s energy that is never reached to the planet. This energy is transformed into lasers or microwaves and then radiated wirelessly to the Earth’s surface for human utilization. Wang said, “We hope to reinforce global cooperation and make technological and scientific breakthroughs so that human race can accomplish the dream of unlimited clean energy as soon as possible.”

In comparison to customary fossil energy—which has been ever more exhausted and is responsible for critical environmental issues—space-based solar power is quite sustainable and efficient, providing a dependable power supply solution for satellites and calamity-hit regions or isolated zones on the Earth, Wang stated. China has planned various sunlight gathering solutions and made several major breakthroughs in cable-free energy transmission ever since the country enumerated space-based solar power as a prime research program in 2008. Nevertheless, for long aim has been a test for present technology as it involves the launching and installation of abundant solar panel components and the competent wireless communication of mega energy.

On a related note, earlier, China launched an innovative Earth observation satellite—Gaofen-7—that will have a chief role in land surveying, rural and urban construction and statistical investigation, as per the CNSA (China National Space Administration). This new satellite was lifted off on a Long March-4B rocket from the TSLC (Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center). Gaofen-7 is the nation’s first public-use optical broadcast 3-D mapping and surveying satellite that gets to the sub-meter level, CNSA added.


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