Google Releasing A Bunch Of Features For Its Pixel Series Smartphones

Google Releasing A Bunch Of Features For Its Pixel Series Smartphones

This week, Google has brought a broad smile on the faces of Pixel owners by announcing the release of its first “feature drop.” The leading OS-developing company has also assured that the feature enhancements will be released on a monthly basis without any delay. The first drop is bringing quite impressive and remarkable features in Pixel smartphones.

The call screen update is considered as most prominent of the bunch. In this featured update, US-based Pixel 4 users can see a different display for unknown callers, screening out robocalls during the process. In case a call is not a spam and screened out, users will receive a transcript of the message after a while.

The update releases a fundamental editing tool in the Photos app through which captured clicks can be converted into portraits if in case users forgot to turn on the portrait mode while shooting.

Google also releases an update for its patented video-calling app Duo. Through this feature, the users can use the bokeh effect to blur the background view. This update is released for Pixel 2 and succeeding models.

On a related note, last month, Google has released the Incognito feature for Google Maps on Android devices. Now, the same feature is coming on iOS as well. The apps and Android OS developer put the limelight on this feature at the I/O developer conference held this year.

Incognito mode, like in the Chrome browser, would not allow Google to save the information, such as past searches, to the users’ Google account. However, users can turn off this mode if they want, as this feature serves more privacy.

Not only Maps but Google has also launched In-app Incognito mode for YouTube and Chrome browser for data safety purposes.


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