Artificial Intelligence-Integrated CIMON Could Simplify Space Crew Tasks

Artificial Intelligence-Integrated CIMON Could Simplify Space Crew Tasks

The Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON) has collected many firsts of the primary mission to the International Space Station (ISS). The mission is the first-ever autonomous free-floating robot to function when aboard the station. It is believed to become the first smart astronaut assistant. However, the CIMON is something rare than Alexa for space. Another CIMON-2 that was launched boarding the SpaceX ISS resupply mission is expected to help the astronauts in a number of ways by lending a helping hand in space work, especially when it comes to practical experiments. The German Aerospace Center (DLR), Airbus, and IBM have together created CIMON for astronaut assistance like keeping track of tasks, retrieving information, and reducing social issues.

The current mission’s goal was to check if CIMON can actually assist the astronauts and provide the necessary support during space experiments. CIMON-2 is found to be made more capable of using better software and hardware based on the mission’s outcome. The product is found to have an emotional intelligence side added just like the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer to understand the communication between CIMON and the astronauts. CIMON could become a robotic countermeasure for groupthink wherein a group works together cordially. The objective is to help provide a product that can emotionally connect with the space crew and save time that is very important while in space.CIMON is like a mobile documentarian that can record plus perform other activities on the space station. CIMON will be staying on the ISS and there are plans to extend its mission to Mars, Moon, and other celestial bodies.

In a similar context, the Air Force Space Command is planning on using the commercial sector’s artificial intelligence potentials to computerize daily tasks and free up airmen for warfighting. AI is believed to help the air force well-manage satellite maintenance tasks. The room for error would be drastically reduced while using the AI and it can help discover a lot more about the empty space.


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