Apple Ditching The Charging Plug For Its High-End Phones By 2021

Apple Ditching The Charging Plug For Its High-End Phones By 2021

Reportedly, Apple might remove the Lightning connector in the high-end versions of the iPhone from 2021, hinting that the devices will need wireless charging, as per a report from Ming-Chi Kuo, Analyst at TF Securities. The withdrawing of the Lightning cable with other distinguishing updates would boost deliveries and the standard selling price of the highest-end iPhone models, Kuo stated. He said that the top-tier iPhone—without the connector—will offer a “completely wireless experience.” There are conjectures for several years that Apple intends to eliminate the Lightning cable. In 2017, Kuo forecasted that Apple will remove the Lightning connector in support of the USB Type-C connector, which is normally utilized in the industry.

Nonetheless, Apple has persisted to incorporate Lightning ports in the recent iPhone models. Apple’s latest models announced in September—iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11 Pro—all have Lightning ports. Apple has begun to include the USB-C connector in a few products. All of the latest iPhones support Apple’s fast charger—up to 50% charging in just 30 Minutes. The charger utilizes USB-C and needs iPhone customers to purchase a particular cable that goes to USB-C ports from the Lightning connector.

On a similar note, earlier Apple was in the news as JP Morgan stated that the tech giant might change its iPhone release program to twice a year starting from 2021. This shift in strategy will permit Apple to even out its traditional seasonality and present the company with increased flexibility to alter its products in 6 Months time span and contend with other device makers that release new phones throughout the year. From 2011, Apple has launched major new iPhones in September–October period; setting up the quarter that concludes in December to be the company’s largest and boosted by the new models & holidays.

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