A Comet Shows That Our Solar System Is Not Something Very Rare

A Comet Shows That Our Solar System Is Not Something Very Rare

On December 8, 2019, there will be a comet swinging from another star as per the astronomers. The comet named 2I/Borisov will be the first one to rise from interstellar space. However, its origin is found to be alienated for now. The astronomers have found Borisov to be just like another comet in our Solar System. The Planetary Astronomer Michele Bannister from Queen’s University Belfast has stated that the new bodies or events taking place outside our system are almost similar to the ones taking place in our Solar System. The comet was spotted by an amateur astronomer named Gennady Borisov sometime in August. The astronomers have found that the comet is not from our neighborhood. The Oort Cloud is found to give rise to many of the comets in our Solar System.

The University of Maryland astronomer Ye Quanzhi is also trying to figure out Borisov’s origin. The comet’s evolution is still a mystery that many astronomers are trying to understand. The stars can form trillions of comets and also release them into deep space in the form of planets or other objects. The comet has been found to have the same water ice and chemical compositions as that of the nearby comets. The cosmic forces that formed the Solar System seem to be at work somewhere else. Borisov proves that our Solar System is perhaps not that unique. The comet will move into the icy void after moving past the Sun. The astronomers find the comet to be a one-time show but it definitely has something sometime in.

Likewise, NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has helped astronomers study a huge swath of the sky. The planet-hunter has found a small comet known as 46P/Wirtanen. The comet was found to explode life in the form of gases and dust out of its icy body. Till date, TESS has discovered many exoplanets and other celestial bodies.

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